Di 16. Oktober 2018, 20 Uhr

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CD-Release-Concert "Out Of Your Tree"


MEYER RECORDS präsentiert:  Roland Van Campenhout

'Out of Your Tree', Robert Coyne's second solo album on Meyer Records following 2010's 'Woodland Conspiracy', is both a continuation and a conscious departure from the three albums he recorded (also on Meyer Records) with the great Jaki Liebezeit, legendary drummer of Can, who passed away in January 2017. While mystical repetition is common to 'Out of Your Tree' and the Liebezeit trilogy, the new album's rhythm is more meditative, sometimes otherworldly. Added to the still sparse drums and acoustic guitar instrumentation are flashes of lead guitar, keyboards and bass, often coloured with tape echo and reverb evoking '50s Doo-Wop and New York avant-punks Suicide - both among Coyne's primary influences. The distinctive drumming of longtime friend and collaborator Werner Steinhauser - formerly the longest serving musical partner of Kevin Coyne, Robert's father - adds further musical and emotional continuity, as do the vocals of Robert's wife Wendy, the only other musician on the album.

Robert Coyne mit Werner Steinhauser (Schlagzeug) und Aglaja Camphausen (Cello)